We provide Patient Education during all appointments.We believe preventative measures improve teeth health and reduce the need for expensive dental procedures in the future.


Healthy Snacks for healthy teeth

Healthy snacks for healthy teeth

To help prevent tooth decay (cavities) try to limit how often you eat sweet or acidic foods. After eating, plaque bacteria in the mouth convert the sugars found in foods and drinks into acid. This acid causes tooth decay. It takes approximately one hour for the saliva in your mouth to neutralise these harmful acids. Over that hour time period your teeth are at high risk of decay. If you reduce how often your mouth is in this acidic state, it will help to reduce your risk of tooth decay.

Children need to have gaps between meals, so they only eat three to five times a day. This reduces the amount of acid in the mouth.

Also drinking lots of water or milk is recommended between meals because they reduce acid on teeth.

What food and drinks damage teeth?

Anything that is sticky and /or sweet can damage teeth including:

Natural fruit and vegetable juice Flavoured milk Sports drinks Sweetened cereals (Coco Pops and Nurti-Grain)
Dried fruit bars (Rollups) Jam Sweet biscuits Lollies, including Natural Snakes
Cordial Soft drinks (including sugar free) Dried fruit Muesli bars
Honey Nutella Cake

Beware of eating fruit often between meals. Fruit is sweet and acidic, and can damage teeth, and can contribute towards tooth erosion (tooth surface loss). When children eat fruit between meals, we suggest that they follow up with a small square of cheese, or a drink of milk or water. This helps to wash out the acid from the mouth.

Healthy, teeth friendly snacks and drinks:
Crackers Popcorn Nuts (unsalted) Sushi
Cut-up vegetables with dips such as tzatziki or hommus Sliced ham, salmon or turkey Plain rice cakes Cheese slices
Peanut butter, vegemite and butter Natural yoghurt Water Milk

Healthy eating for children:

For a healthy, balanced diet, children need three pieces of fruit and five vegetables aday, a high intake of grains (e.g. wholegrain bread and cereal), and protein (e.g. meat, fish etc.) and three intakes of dairy products (e.g. plain milk, cheese and natural yoghurt).

Helpful hints:
  • Rather than having lollies in the house, buy a treat for your child once a week. This reduces how often that decay producing foods/drinks are consumed.
  • Do grocery shopping without the children and buy savoury items- not sweet.
  • The best cereals are Weet-bix and Vita Brits, according to the Australian Instiute of Sport. The cereals which cause the most damage to your teeth are Nutri-grain and Coco pos.
  • Try to avoid sticky treats such as roll ups or minties. Because they are sticky and stay in the mouth for a long time. They also damage braces, crowns etc.
  • Healthy cereals include weet-bix and vitabrits. Avoid high sugar cereals such as coco pops or neutragrain At parties, children should eat the lollies all at once instead of saving them for later. If unable to brush immediately, chewing sugar free gum for 10 minutes is a good alternative. This type of gum stimulates saliva flow that washes out the mouth.
  • If making lolly bags for parties, include sugar free chewing gum, non-sticky foods and novelty items.
  • Sweet drinks are less damaging if taken through a straw. This keeps the drink off the teeth. Drinking it all in one go is better than sipping for a long time. This reduces the time of sweet exposure. Flavoured sip a straws cause cavities.

Remember that it is the number of times that the teeth are exposed to sweet, sticky and acid things that is important, not the amount consumed.