Saliva Testing

We provide Patient Education during all appointments.We believe preventative measures improve teeth health and reduce the need for expensive dental procedures in the future.

Saliva Testing

salive testing

Why do we test saliva?

Saliva is the primary defence system for the oral environment, in particular protecting tooth surfaces.

Saliva protects teeth by:

  • Neutralising acid challenges
  • Flushing food and bacteria form the oral cavity
  • Acting as a lubricant
  • Forming pellicle on the tooth surface
  • Delivering calcium, phosphate and fluoride to the tooth surface

When saliva stops protecting your teeth the PH of the mouth lowers and then follows tooth demineralisation. This leads to:

  • Increased tooth wear
  • Increased wear from tooth brushing
  • Erosion of teeth from internal (gastric reflux) or external (eg: acidic drinks) acid sources.

The acidic environment also favours proliferation of decay producing bacteria. Your mouth is more at risk of cavities. When erosion is noted the question is:

  • Why has the mouth become more acidic?
  • Why is the saliva not protecting the teeth?

Saliva testing helps diagnose the cause of the problem. We can then design a preventative/remineralizing programme to help move the oral environment back into balance. This may involve the use of:

  • Tooth mousse CCP/ACP- Tooth remineralising crème
  • Neutrafluor 5000- high strength fluoride tooth paste
  • GC Dry Mouth Gel or Biotene- Saliva replacements
  • Sugar free gums to stimulate saliva
  • Chlorofluor Gel- Anti plaque
  • Sodium Bicarbonate mouth rinses to alleviate PH.